Kelly grew up understanding style as a primary language, one spoken fluently by her mom and aunt at their local boutique. Through these relationships, Kelly came to realize fashion was more than any single look, but was a way of tapping into a person’s inner expression and creativity. Growing up and working in the store, she saw her mom and aunt bring their own vibrant, personal approach to each women they worked with.

It was here where Kelly got the vision to pursue fashion—first as a stylist in the industry, then with her own boutique. However, the traditional brick and mortar was too static for the kind of active and personalized approach Kelly imagined. She wanted to create a personalized shopping experience to help women see themselves in the looks that inspired them—beyond computer screens and a single storefront.

Enter Park Alley, a mobile boutique that offers the convenience of a real-time Instacart, but with expert advice, resulting in a look that fits, works, and slays. Customers get to take advantage of the low overhead, a first look at what's soon to be hot, and the experience—amaze! It's next-level pop-up, with a stylist to boot.